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These represent some examples of the type of writing I've done in the past. For my full portfolio, please visit my writing page.

Reported pieces

Pandemic, international travel restrictions could mean TA shortage at MSU (Lansing State Journal)


I Know Some Algorithms Are Biased—because I Created One (Scientific American)

My sudden shift to online learning (Cleveland.com)

Eliminating the GRE (Physics Today Reader's Forum)

Research focused blog

Making your classroom accessible for diverse learners (Astrobites)

Yes Virginia, there is a way to reduce gender bias on your student evaluations of teaching (PERbites)

The chicken and the egg problem of academic productivity (PERbites)

Narrative focused blog

#DrawnToGeoscience: Refraction in Action (AGU The Plainspoken Scientist)

My Top Eight Takeaways From ComSciCon-AIP (MSU SciComm Blog)

Local Anesthesia and Nuclear Physics (MSU SciComm Blog)

Advice column

Applying to Graduate School in PER (PERbites)

Event coverage

What is Science Policy & Differences between Federal vs State Policy: 3 things we learned (MSU SciComm Blog)

Advocating for Science: Planning your advocacy (MSU SciComm Blog)

Science Demonstrations

Estimating pi with candy and a drawing (Massive Science)

Colored Shadows: no illusions, just physics and biology (MSU SciComm Blog)

Machine Learning, Science, and Text Generation (MSU SciComm Blog)