Here are the various general audience articles, outreach projects, and interviews I've done.




Physics education research and STEM education blog posts about recent publications

Scientific American Blog

My experience creating a biased algorithm

AAAS-Improving Undergraduate STEM Education Blog

Leveraging Institutional Data to Advance Equity in STEM Courses


Making your physics classroom accessible to diverse learners

PERC 2020 Blog

A reflection on how I entered PER.

#DrawnToGeoScience Blog

A short blog post about my art piece, Refractions, that I created for the MSU SciComm Catalyst exhibition.

MSU SciComm Blog

Science policy and "popular science" type posts

Media Outlets


How the Webb Space Telescope Will Support the Search for Alien Life

The Xylom

I've a Feeling We're Not in Michigan Anymore (A reflection on my AAAS Mass Media Fellowship)

The Wichita Eagle

Articles from my 2021 AAAS Mass Media Fellowship

Lansing State Journal

Pandemic, international travel restrictions could mean TA shortage at MSU

Massive Science

Apollo 11 changed the world forever; What your teacher thinks of you affects your performance; Estimating pi with candy and a drawing

Opinion Pieces and Op-Eds

MSU Today Student View

My journey becoming a science communicator

Physics Today Reader's Forum

COVID-19 has already caused us to rethink graduate admissions. Why not use this opportunity to eliminate the GRE? Opinion Page

A reflection on being a student during the transition to online-instruction during COVID-19.

Media Appearances

Physics Alive Podcast

An interview with Hamilton College Professor Brad Moser about my research and science communication work.

The Sci-Files

An interview with Impact 89FM about my graduate admissions research at MSU.

The Sci-Files

A Q&A session on Impact 89FM about graduate students' research at MSU.


Catalyst, A Science Art Exhibition

A Science Art exhibition featuring 59 artists from around the world that I co-organized as part of MSU SciComm. My artwork, Refractions, is also part of the exhibition.