About Me

I am an education data science postdoc at the Center for Academic Innovation at the University of Michigan. I was previously a physics and computational mathematics, science, and engineering graduate student at Michigan State University. My dissertation research used machine learning to analyze applications to physics graduate programs. I was advised by Dr. Danny Caballero.

I earned my bachelor's degree in physics and astronomy/astrophysics at (The) Ohio State University. I also minored in mathematics and cognitive science. While at Ohio State, I worked with Dr. Andrew Heckler on projects related to oscillatory motion. I was also a tutor in the Mathematics and Statistics Learning Center, focusing mainly on calculus.

Outside of my research, I am interested in science communication and teaching. Doing science communication work was never part of "my plan." However, after learning about Astrobites and wishing there was (and then creating) a physics education research version (PERbites), I have become very interested in science communication. Outside of PERbites, I have served as the vice president of marketing and science writing chair for MSU's science communication organization (MSU SciComm) and was a AAAS 2021 Mass Media Fellow with The Wichita Eagle.

As a graduate student, I have been a teaching assistant for Lyman Briggs 273 and 274 (physics 1 and physics in Lyman Briggs College at MSU). These are studio physics courses for mainly life science majors In a studio class, lecture, lab, and recitation are combined into a single session. This means that class would begin with a short lecture, then students would investigate some concept using lab equipment, and then complete more typical recitation style problems based on their findings in a single period. As these courses were for life science majors, many of the problems were focused on life science concepts. For example, diffusion can be modeled as a conservation of momentum and collisions problem.

I've previously been a graduate fellow with the Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology at MSU working on the Spartan Studios project. I've also previously designed an introduction to machine learning workshop for undergraduate astronomy researchers through the Institute for Scientist & Engineer Educator's Professional Development Program.